Work Safely at Heights

This course takes the trainee through the theory of working at height. Using practical exercises to teach height safety equipment to give trainees the knowledge to replicate these skills at the workplace. This course includes an introduction to peer rescue.

Thursdays 8am-4pm or by appointment

Work Safely at Heights - Refresher

By appointment only

Enter & Work in Confined Space

This course includes recognizing what constitutes a confines space, identifying hazards, implementing control measures, selecting appropriate tools and equipment, gas atmospheric testing and working in accordance with issued permits.

Wednesdays 8am-4pm or by appointment

Enter & Work in Confined Space - Refresher

By appointment only

Gas Test Atmosphere

This course applies to situations where there is a possibility of a toxic  or hazardous environment and gas testing is requires prior to entering a specific area or work space. Workplace atmospheres may include visible and invisible hazards and hazardous surfaces.

By appointment only

Undertake Vertical Rescue

This is an advanced course designed for students requiring extensive training and experience working with rope techniques for self and peer rescue. These skills can be applied to various situations and environments. Techniques covered include various ascending and descending methods, self-rescue as well as peer recovery.

By appointment only

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